EADAG Meeting 6 – Minutes and papers

Minutes, papers and presentations from the sixth meeting of the Environment Agency Data Advisory Group, held on 11th February 2016:


EADAG Meeting 4 minutes and papers

Minutes from the fourth meeting of the Environment Agency Data Advisory Group, held on 16th June 2015.

Accessing open LIDAR data *now*

As per the Environment Agency announcements last month and previous blogpost on this site, the LIDAR dataset is being published as open data under the Open Government License from 1st September.

The data is currently available to users through a commercial license with EA. However you can also access samples of the data for testing and / or development purposes. Further information below from the EA data team on how to access the data through a ‘development license’:

Unfortunately due to internal resource issues, we can’t supply national coverage datasets currently under development licences. We are too busy getting everything ready for September 1st  when the data will be available from our Datashare site.

If you want data before this to have a look at and consider how you could use it then we can supply you with a development licence, which is free, and you can then access the Geomatics website and download a max 10 x 10 tiles * , of any resolution you like, anywhere you like. 

This process is automated, doesn’t require staff time, and should be enough for anyone to complete any evaluation required in advance of the 1st September. 

If you wish to obtain a development licence for LIDAR please contact data.info@environment-agency.gov.uk and please put “LIDAR-DEVELOPMENT LICENCE” in the subject line.

* Note the extent of the 10 x 10 tiles is dependent on the resolution you’re using. If you were downloading 1m or 2m data, then tiles are 1 sqkm each. Therefore  you could download an area of up to 100 sqkm. If you were downloading 25cm or 50cm resolution data, then tiles are 500m x 500m each. Therefore you could download an area of up to 25 sqkm.

Flood alert and water data APIs